Saturday, February 24, 2007

not dead, just pre-occupied

Okay. So I had a job interview on Wednesday this week. It was supposed to be Tuesday, but then they lost power and we had to reschedule. As a consequence, I missed a few hours of work Tuesday, but I made up for it by going in Wed morning.
Anyway, the interview was a total waste of my time. They had decided I wasn't right for the job before I ever walked through the door. You know it's bad when the guy you're meeting opens conversation with something about all your dreams being crushed and broken.
I have to admit, I think he was just trying to do me a favor. He has a background kinda like me, he was a teacher, did some traveling, was a freelance writer for awhile. He said he never would have taken a job with this company if he hadn't needed the money. Which, needless to say, makes me think he doesn't much like his job. In some way, I'm glad he just shot me down completely. But the entire conversation could have been conducted in a phone interview, and then I wouldn't have been all stressed out about it for days, and have to get dressed up and waste an hour and a half of my live driving there and back.
But I did learn something (which I pretty much knew already): I don't want to be a corporate cog. I can't deal with the constraints and expectations of being a faceless peon in a giant soulless corporate machine.
So I guess it wasn't a total loss.
ALso, I spent a good couple hours yesterday deleting stuff off my hard-drive. My computer was running really slow, so I went to defragment it, and it told me there wasn't enough memory to do this properly. I went "well, that explains a few things" and proceeded to start deleting files and moving old stuff I don't need anymore onto CDs. Think I'll do more of this later. Maybe some of the stuff from Librivox can go on CD for my car if/when I get the CD player installed. Yes, that would be nice... maybe I'll do that after I clean my room up tomorrow... and do my taxes... and finish knitting this mitten that's sitting on my desk.
Meant to do some of those things today, but I slept a whole lot instead. I went to bed at like, 12:00 last night, got up at 8:30 this morning and watched a bunch of TV until I started nodding off on the couch and climbed back into bed at 1pm and slept until my dad called me at 4. I have no idea why I was so tired.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

The triumphant and angry return of Things That Piss Me Off

#12,347: My favorite radio station randomly disappeared, and was replaced by this. Now, I'm all for running off of renewable energy, but I fail to see why this required an entire change of station, and the type of music they play, and everything. I am now very tempted to boycott CBS in quite rage. Yes, CBS owns the station. I could live with that. Now I'm just angry that they didn't bother telling anybody. Yes, I got an e-mail about it. But I would have hoped they'd have made a big deal about it on air. Or did they spring it as a surprise to their employees, too? "Oh, wait. We don't want to play good music any more. And by the way, you're all fired. Get out."

#12,348: People who don't know how to drive.
#12,348a: People who don't know how to drive in anything other than perfect weather.
#12,348b: People who don't signal when they decide to cut me off or randomly cut across four lanes so you can continue to do 95mph in a 55 zone. Jackass.
#12,348c: People who leave their brights on and thereby blind me.
#12,348d: People who hit me in a parking lot and then drive off.

#12,349: Companies that "don't take calls about jobs." How the hell am I supposed to follow up with them, then? Stupid Association of Zoos and Aquariums. I would've loved that job, and been damn good at it. But I have to assume they didn't even look at my resume. It's been, what? Three months now? Just about. Their loss. Oh, wait. No, it's mine because I need the money.

#12,350: This is a bog one. I'm really pissed off at Marvel Comics this week. Why, you ask? Because of their one-shot entitled Civil War: The Return. On the off chance than somebody who might actually care will read this, I won't give away who's return it's about. But I'm pissed off because it was the one character I trusted them to leave dead out of respect for the character and a very well written death. But no! Dammit. Where's something to punch when you need it?