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Sunday, July 30, 2006


So, I bought that car today. Left the manual Accord in my parents' driveway, so they'll have a car. I now have an automatic Honda Accord. Just need to get to the DMV and deal wih all the paperwork and hassle and everything.

Jess got back from Sweden this afternoon. Yay! I've missed her a lot.

My mom gets back with Rosie tomorrow. Took some stuff over to the house today--paper plates, plastic forks, those sorts of things. Adam dropped off the futon cusion so she has something to sleep on until the stuff from storage gets there. He was also0 nice enough to drive me out to Springfield mall so I could pick up the car.

Now I'm just waiting to hear from Bode Tech about when I can go in and start packing their stuff up. Still looking for a permamant job-- I got a very polite, if curt, rejection notice from ISS last week, which was kinda a bummer. Oh well, back to the classifieds. Again.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My life right now

is stressful, but not too bad. I just put a deposit down on yet another Honda Accord, this one an automatic. Which means that I will have the same kind of car as my parents. Even the same color. Kind of weird, but I really don't mind, except that I'm sure at some point someone will try to get into the wrong car, and wonder why their key won't work.

I started at Bode Tech today. They needed someone to help them make photocopies of important documeents to send to thier parent company in case anything gets lost during the move. So I spent eight hours in front of a copy machine. I will dream about paper jams toninght, I am sure.

Driving the stick shift is coming along, but slowly. I drove it to work today, wehich was nerve-wracking, and later out to Springfield MAll to look at this car. THat was a pain. I stalled out a lot because I was stressing over getting there and not thinking about what I needed to be doing in order to get there. Coming back was a little better. Also drove it to my parents' house yesterday to drop off a few things for my mom, who gets here on Tuesday with Rosie. Went over to Evan's last night, which was fun, as always. But I managed to get myself lost coming back last night by somehow taking a wrong turn off of Guinea and driving in circles around a random neighborhood until I found my way out again. I felt really stupid, but it was good practice with the stick shift at night.

Had dinner with KAtie on Tuesday night. Was nice to see her again. May or may not have lunch with Grandma Saturday, depending how she's feeling.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


So I bought that '96 Accord I blogged about. It is sitting outside right now. I drove it around some today to run errands and just practice with a stick shift. I'm getting better at it, but am sure at this point I don't want to deal with it in the stop-and-go traffic that is the DC Metro area. It really is a great car. In extremely good condition. I'll be sorry to part with it when I give it to my parents, but I know they'll do better with it than I will.
Which is why I agreed to buy a '97 Accord automatic from a guy last night. Was all set to meet him tonight to make a deposit, then give him the rest once it gets wired to me, probably on Thursday. But I got an e-mail from him saying he needs it all in cash now, so I told him to go ahead and sell it back to the dealer.
Seems kinda shady there, doesn't it? Oh well, back to the classifieds, then.
Also, I may be starting a short-term job at Bode Tech, where my uncle works. They're moving offices and need help packing things up. I'm hoping to hear from them tomorrow about when I can start. It won't pay much, I'm sure as it's manual labor but it's something. And a salary is better than no salary. It'll get me out of the house while I look for something else, which will be nice.

More later, once I know something.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Is there any particular reason I'm not getting comments any more? As far as I know, they still work, so is it that I just haven't said anything interesting, or what?

So I haven't posted in two weeks

Sorry about that. But then I've never been very good at posting frequently, have I?

Anyway, still looking for a job. Had an interview on Thursday the 6th, with ISS that I thought went well. IT's an editorial posistion, which would be nice, but the stuff i'd be editing wouldn't be particularly enthralling, I'm afraid. Also, their offie is all the way oput in Rockville. For those who don't know the DC area, that's in Maryland, so it would be a commute on the beltway every day, which would be a pain. But, I wouldn't have to be in until 10am, so theoretically, I could avoid most of rush hour.
Waiting to hear back from them, countinuing to follow leads ald apply in the meantime.

On the car front, I found a really nice '96 Accord for $4,000 with all the records and in excellent condition. It's a great car. But it's a stick shift. I'm taking a lesson tomorrow to learn how to drive the thing before I put any money down for it. If I find it's completely impossible, I'll either scrap the idea and keep looking, or buy it anyway and let my parents have it when they get back.

Not having a car really sucks. To get to the interview, I had to walk to the train station at 8:00am to catch the last commuter train at 8:20 (the station's 1/2 a mile from my house, which is nice), take it into Union Station, get on the Red Line Metro there, rie it all the way out to the end of the line, then catch a cab to the actual office building because I'd missed the bus due to the Metro having mechanical problems and unloading everybody to wait for the next train about halfway through my trip. Caught the Bus back to the Metro after the interview. NOw, my interview was at 1:30. This means I got on the Metro at noon to give myself a half-hour buffer in case of delays, knowing the trip would take an hour. And, as I said, I had to be on the VRE train at 8:20. Arrived in Union Station about 9am. This means I spent three hours wandering around Union Station. Not hard to do, but not particularly fun, either.

Oh, and did I mention the interview was supposed to be on Wednesday, but I showed up at their DC office instead of in ROckville, because nobody told me where I should go? Yeah, that made me feel extra-stupid.