Sunday, March 13, 2005

okay, first things first... got my grade back for NEws Writing, finally. Potter gave me a C, which I feel good about. Obviously, I'd like to do better, but I really didn't deserve much more than that, what with late work and all.

Put in 5 hours for my internship on Friday. Mostly just computer stuff and getting used to the surroundings, finding out what I'll be doing. Went well, I think. DOesn't pay anything, but went well. It'll be a good experience, if nothing else.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Good News, Everybody!

I just got off the phone with Francesca De Grandis, who is offering an internship here in Meadville, to start immediately. She just had somebody out in CA quit on her, and I'd called last week, but the posistion had been filled. So she called me back today, and now I have a job. Hopefully. There's a two-week trial period, so I'm going in on Friday to meet her and get a feel for things. But I'm hoping it'll all work out.
I'll just have to figure out what exactly the arrangements are, and what I should do about living arrangements for the summer, if/when I get/take the internship.
But hey, I'm excited about it! Yay me!

The bad news is that this will interfere with my taking Jess to the Humane Society. I enjoy doing so, but there really wasn't any other time that I could work. THe other option was THursday afternoons, but I have a class then, and I don't like the idea of working during the week when I have homework and reading and stuff that I should be concentrationg on.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I've just been lazy...

accomplished today:
1) did laundry
2) read more of Sister Carrie for my Junior Sem. Still need to read a ton for tuesday's class
3) e-mailed answers to mom needed for summer hire out in Israel
4) spoke to parents. They got a dog yesterday, a cut little black lab/Pointer mix, they're calling Rosie (like the street dog I befriended in Delhi.) Took her to the vet today, and apparently she has the worst case of hip dysplacia the vet ghad ever seen. She's a young dog, too, about 10 months. THey're in a bind trying to decide what's best for her. They can try to make her life as good as possible for however long she has, or put her down now, knowing it'll only be worse for her later. THe surgery that's neccesary is an option too, but it isn't cheap, and it would be a long task, with multiple surgeries, that may not work. Very unpleasant business, that. They wanted my advice, but I didn't know what to tell them.
5) played more of City of Heroes. Not really an accomplishment, but fun, nonetheless.

in other news, Brody, Jess's other rat died on Monday. He hadn't been feeling well, so it was kinda expected.