Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Legos rock!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

got the cooling fan on my power supply working again. It's still tempermebntal, aso I may want to replace it anyway, but I should be able to replace just the fan, so I won't need a whole new power supply (hopefully)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

at school

got in SUnday night, after moving all my stuff in on Friday and going up to Erie. INternet just got hooked up, but my computer needs a new power supply I think, cause the fan in this one isn't working (Adam, if you could mail me the one from the exploded computer, I'll pay you back for the shipping). CLasses start tomorrow, so I'll show up at the Far Easttern Art class with an add card, thern go look for Proffesor Bywater later to sign my drop card, since his class now interferes with my News Writing class.
In bad news (not much there, thankfully), John Colatch has left Allegheny. I personally blame the school's administrators for not making it worth his while to stay finacially. Hopefully the people at Lafayette will appreciate him more.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

well.... off to PA tomorrow. They disconnected the cable today, so I'm using the laptop in the hotel (thank you for the modem!)
Today was the last day of work, too

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

well, got stuff done today.
1) ran errands for my mother
2) gave Reggie a ride to work when I encountered her walking there while running said errands
3) last minute trip to the dentist for a cleaning. going back tomorrow to get a chipped tooth fixed.
4) tomorrow's my last day of work, too
5) yes, I realize that isn't something I got done today. and neither is this.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

well, that's the last of it. Everything's packed up in the trucks and headed for a storage facility now. House is empty except for what I'm taking with me, and what my parent's are taking with them, so we move into a hotel tonight. At least I'll have a bed to sleep on. Hopefully. 'Cause I'm really not in the mood to sleep on a cot or a sofa tonight. I'll sleep in the bathtub if I have to, but I reallt hate the uncomfortable extra beds some hotels have.
But enough ranting.
At least I got to see Katie today for lunch. THat was nice.

Monday, August 16, 2004

what I've been up to:

went to Brickfest yesterday with the family. Really really cool to see what people build with their Legos.
Played miniature golf. Lost as usual.
Avoiding going upstairs, where the remaider of our stuff is being loaded into crates for storage.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

terrible day update.

well, went and jump-started my car before dinner. It started, but we melted my booster-cables in the process. Told dad to look at the instructions first, but oh well. His way should have worked, too.
One more thing to add to the list of 'why this is a bad week'.
On the plus side, when we came home there was a black bob-tailed cat hiding in our bushes, so I went and made freinds with him. He's been hanging around a lot recently, and I think it's cause I/my car smells like animals. As I've said, a kitty can make any day better.

Worst. Week. EVER.

As if things aren't stressful enough with the move and the house being emptied, everything else has to go wrong too.
Yesterday I go downtown to get poked and prodded by stranger who take my blood and ask pointless questions after I haven't eaten in 14 hours. Then I come home to mow the lawn, but then go get my dad at the Metro, but wait, he isn't there! why not? Because my mother's picking him up an hour later! Yay for wasting my time!! And then when I get home again, grandma's here so I had to deal with her, too.
And today! Don't even get me started on today. Today I get woken up by an unnecessary phone call at 9:30. Then I go finish mowing the lawn from yesterday. Then the internet went out. Then Mom came home and said the Jeep died at the mall, so she walked homw, and I'd need to walk to work. Okay, I can do that. But it turns out I wasn't even supposed to be there today because they changed my schedule and didn't bother to tell me, so I walked home. In a thunderstorm.
At least there were fresh brownies when I got home. And the internet is working again, so the day is looking up from here.

Monday, August 09, 2004

notes from Michigan

1) sharing a room with my uncle Jimmy is like trying to sleep through a freight train derailing on top of you. He snores louder than anybody I've ever heard. And that's saying something.

2) there's a sign by my uncle Bob's place that says "Speed Limit 21" wanted to take a picture, but never got around to it.

3) Strange thing my Aunt said to me: "Ben, glad to see you got leied" if you don't understand why I did a doubletake, say it out loud.

4) Sleeping in my cousin's bed Saturday night was weird. Less noisy that the rest of the week, but kindy weird, 'cause she's a girl. Not a particularly femenine one, but it always make me uncomfoortable sleeping in a girl's bed. It just feels, I dunno... foreign.

and so begins my fast...

hey, guess what? I can't eat until 10am tomorrow! well, pssibly earlier, but that seems unlikely. I need to go downtown for my physical tomorrow and thursday sothey can poke and prod at me and take copious amounts of my blood and ask me personal questions that I'd rather not answer. qwoo-hoo.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

crazy dreams

had a couple of weird dreams while I was gone, too. Both took place in the lobby of the same fictional movie theater. Very odd. Apparently an old friend of mine wqas working there as I was coming out of a movie. It must have been the end of her shift, cause she agreed to go home with me. Very odd indeed.

Where have I been all week?!

the answer is: Michigan.
Been at a family Reunion, which was really fun. Only problem was, couldn't get service on my cell phone out in the middle of nowhere with no phones or computers. Sorry everyone who tried tocall me, but I didn't get your messages until five minutes ago. I'll call you all eventually, promise!
Also feel sleep deprived. My uncle Jimmy snores like a freight train so I didn't sleep well all week, and I was up at 5 this morning to catch a 7am plane home, so I can continue to pack my life into boxes.
Oh well. It was a good week, got a tan, caught up with my mom's family, so it was all good. Just been missing my Jess a lot, knowing she was home again, but not being able to call her :(
I'll do that tonight, though! Yay!!