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Greetings and hi everybody! Welcome to the American edition of yet of my home page. I left the UK over a year ago now, and it's about time I've updated this. I've all kindsa of nifty new plans for this.

Bob's Pledge to Quality

You will not see the words "cool" or "cyber" anywhere on this site unless they are quoted or used in the proper context.


This is all the stuff that I like enuf to have written whole sets of web pages about. You might like it as well. Or not. If anything confuses you, please read the disclaimer / help page. Be sure to read the FAQ before emailing me about anything. I tend to get get a bit more pissy about things these days. You may also want to check out the list of what's new if you want to know about any important changes.


An excellent source of vitamin C
"Who is Bob?" "What makes him tick?" "How can Bob make my life a better place? And how can I be nice to Bob?" If you have ever pondered any of these questions, why not satisfy your curiosity and find out more about Bob, the author of this web site.

Tank Girl Once upon a time there was a lesser-known comic called Tank Girl. It was the story of girl who drove a tank, outwitted the devil, and shagged kangaroos. It was a bloody brilliant piece of work until H&M just got bored and let anyone who could hold a pen write the stories. But there are those of us out there who still remember how farking novel the whole idea was. If you are one of those, or just want to know more, check out the original Tank Girl web site. Besides, this site probably has more information about Tank Girl than any other place on the internet and it's been rated one of the top 5% of all the internet sites by some people who do that sort of thing. Like that bloody matters, but I think it's good.

Goths All kind of things of interest to the gothic subculture. Including info on clothes, entertainment, net.goth stuffs, and random other stuff.

Dr. Bob This contain mostly my academic / professional / mad science interests. Mostly things related to my PhD in wearable input devices, tho there's a bit of other stuff. It's a bit dry compared to the rest of this site. But it's got lots of detailed info, including the full text of my thesis.

Random stuff

This is pretty much everything else. Mostly random articles I wrote or found, and other assorted stuff.

In what little spare time I have I make things. It's not quite sculpture and it not quite toys, but somewhere in between. They're just objects in which I've bottled-up some aspect of myself that needed to get out. So, I decided I'd share them with the world (who never asked for it, but I'm being generous here) thru the magic of the net. Anyway, I've photographed them and given them a web page of their vary own. These are my creations.

Diners If you've ever been to America, you might know how absolutely everything is open 24 hours a day? Well, in London, it's just not like that. Things close so damned early. It's so hard to get food at 3am when you're bored / going home / whatever. So, if you care, read the rantings of an American trying to find a 24 hour diner in London.

Coke Conspiracy The Great Classic Coke Conspiracy. A story of greed and corruption in mass marketing.

Doom Like Doom? I think it's a really neat waste of time. And the best thing is that it can be customised. I've made a list of customised versions of Doom I would like to have, but will probably never get made.

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