The Unauthorised History of Bob's World

The story begins in the Isle of Dogs in a time of world recession...

The story so far:

Bob arrived in London in late 1993, having survived what some have referred to as his "Undergraduate Experience". Our hero Bob settled down as a clueless youngster at cosy university somewhere just north of the Isle of Dogs. At this point he had many adventures involving much travel and many umbrellas. Little did he know his days at the unnamed university were numbered. A twisted administrative event caused Bob to be thrust from his humdrum existence in the East end to the hectic world of West end London, wherein he had many fantastic and amazing adventures. But, yet again would fate cast its mighty hand into his life. Bob once again was uprooted from his life and tossed onto the dreary streets of Washington DC. The story continues...

The Web Site

Updated the facts about Bob.
Had a damn fine new years eve. Quite happy about that.
Updated just about every page which has my email address on it. It's all encrypted to avoid spam now. If you use IE, it works fine, tho. And, yes, I know it's been 2 years.
Added 3 new figures to the page, including Golf-fish lips, Bat-phone, and a Fairy Godmoose.
Been in a newer new place for over a year now, with the same flatmate. Should be moving again soon.
Moved the old new archive to it's own page. This page will from now on only have the updates from now onward.
Finished the obscure parts of my web site. All goth stuffs are now on darkwave.
Contemplated making a what's new for the darkwave site as well -- very likely.
Moved the professional-like pages to obscure, but in a different location. It's just a placeholder so far.... But something real will exist there at some point.
Moved to a new place. I'm in a nice new place with a nice new flatmate. Lots of room and stuff, tho the fridge is a tad wonky ATM. I like it. I hope it works out. (well, sort of. it's still a wee bit stinky... stillt rying to figure that bit out)
Web site moved! Sort of. I've started moving some of my web pages over to obscure. This is one of the first ones.
Started converting all the web pages into XHTML. Rather hard to get used to after the forgivingness of HTML This one will be such a pain. So I'm soooooo saving it for later.

Older Updates

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