About Bob


Our great and powerful leader

My life story (amazingly recent yet still abridged) :

I was born. I bounced around alot and ended up in London. Then I wrote a web site. It moved around a wee bit, and then finally I left the country, where I have been stuck in DC for a bit over a year now.

But, the web site stays put for a while til finally someone realises "hey, he's gone. Let get our disk space back". I say "poo". So yet again I have the wonderful task and of packing the whole thing up, re-editing it and finding a new host (uncluding my 1st US web site). But since I found like 3 or 4 of them I had to decide which bits went where (Urg!). So, I have decreed the following:

Goth stuffs goes to darkwave (it's all UK-based anyways).
The Tank Girl site goes to Keiran's wee server (it's been there for ages).
My random other pages follow me to obscure (can't think of any place else for it).
And finally, my academic/professional pages will live elsewhere on obscure, for now.

However, I am glad I finally get the user name "Bob" again.

For those that are interested there is a list of little known facts about Bob available.