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The Obscure Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that promotes community and creativity through technology. We provide free resources and training to people and organizations hoping to advance their use of technology in non-commercial creative works and community-building efforts.

Recent News

IP Address change for server

(posted July 24th, 2014)

On Friday, July 25th, the IP address of the main server,, will change from to All DNS records managed on the Obscure servers will be fixed at the cutover time. If you have pointed DNS recods to, please update your records on Friday, July 25th.

Heartbleed and password changing practices

(posted April 11th, 2014)

Obscure's servers were not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability, as we have been running an older version of OpenSSL. That said, this problem should be a reminder that it's a good idea to change your passwords more frequently than once in a decade. Please consider adopting stronger password management practices, such as the use of a password wallet program.

Richard Bullington-McGuire
President of The Obscure Organization

Webmail upgrade

(posted March 11th, 2014)

We have upgraded the webmail client on Obscure from squirrelmail to Roundcube. Your address book entries from Squirrelmail should be automatically migrated. If this doesn't work, please contact Richard.

If you don't see your mail folders, don't panic! Click on the gear icon in the lower left of the screen and subscribe to the folders you want to see. See also this article on subscribing to folders with IMAP.

Richard Bullington-McGuire
President of The Obscure Organization

About Obscure

We give away free Obscure user accounts to anyone who asks politely. You can use an Obscure user account for email, web hosting, programming, and other non-commercial purposes. People have used their Obscure accounts to host web sites for non-profit organizations, to further their own education, to host their personal web sites, and to collaborate with other Obscure users on projects.

We try to help connect Obscure users with one another. People in the Obscure community often help each other, both by teaching each other effective uses of technology, and by providing constructive feedback on creative projects. This furthers learning both by those seeking help and by the informal mentors who provide help.

For older news, see our News Archive.


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