Frequently Asked Questions about Bob's World

These are just a bunch of random answers to questions I get asked about my web site.

Ok, so why don't you ever answer my email? Are you ignoring me?
Look I've been really busy. Really. Alot. I've not been ignoring anyone, but unless you have a really urgent question I'm a bit too busy to answer it. Especially if the answer is on my site somewhere and you can find it if you look enuf. It's not that bloody hard. I'm mean (sheesh!) considering I get quesitons about pages I'm take off the site 3 bloody years ago... Anyways, I have saved all the email I've got and will reply when I get the chance. Admittedly some mails go back as far as last May, but I will reply. Honest. Someday. If there is a delay it's not because I hate you.
Can you tell me everything I ever wanted to know about dying clothes?
No, I can't. I know almost nothing about it, or at least, I'm not overly good at it. I just maintain the Dye-It-Black FAQ, I didn't write it. All questions should go to Lady Bathory. She wrote it. It's says that in the bloody document, can't you read?
I like your web site. Will you give me free stuff?
I like your web site. Can I give you free stuff?
Yes, email me about it.
I see you have a set of web pages devoted to gothic stuff. Can you help me find the font "Jay Gothic Bold Extended"?
We seem to be using different defintions of the word "gothic". Try a search on alta vista.
I took your Goth Friendly Test and it said I hate goths. This isn't true. How can you say this?
Psssst. It's a joke. Ok? (sigh!)
The picture you have of me on your net.goth gallery is horrible, please please please change it.
Ok. Email me a better one.
Alright, so I emailed you a better one. Why've you not changed it?
Um. No time. No time. Ergh. Sorry. I'll get to it soon. Really.
Wasn't your FAQ alot more polite before you moved your web site?
Yeah. So? there were alot less idiots on the web in those days and I had alot more time to answer my email then.

Bob Rosenberg