Bob's Doom Page

I was thinking on the bus yesterday that about that wacky and wonderful game Doom. It is like a black hole for time. "Gee, I've bit of work to do, I think I'll spend 5 minutes playing Doom." Next thing you know, the sun has set and you're alone in the lab.

[p>So anyway, Doom has the ability to customise and let the player (if they know how) alter the game to fit what they want it to do. Both good guys and bad guys can be changed to look however you want. Also the map can be altered to make new games of your own. Out there somewhere, floating about, are such versions, as Aliens Doom with sounds and bad things from Alien, Barney Doom with a big chubby dinosaur trying to kill you, Washington DC Metro Doom which takes place on the DC Metro system, and loads of others. There are certain versions, that probably don't exist, but I'd love it if they did.

My Doom suggestions:

If anyone knows if any of these exists or wants to make one, tell me. I'd like to use it at some point when I don't have time to. Also, feel free to make more suggestions about other possible versions. I'll add them to my list, if I feel like it.

There does exist a South Park version of Quake.

By Bob Rosenberg