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List Spamming & Other Stuff

-> (To the other members of this list, I apologise for going off topic like
-> this, but this junk mail doesn't belong here and the posters should be
-> thrown off the list.)

This has happened to me on other lists. What I do is send a message to the
Postmaster of the sender with a complaint. It doesn't always work, but the
last time I tried it, it really got the attention of the poster.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

I've been lurking here for a while and have visited the Netscape JavaScript
page. But, there is not nearly as much information there as I've seen here.
Is there a site somewhere that has more details on JavaScript programming?
I'd prefer something in ASCII that I could just printout.  Thanks...
Check it out!  http://www.execnet.com/~gerry/  Updated: 03/13/96

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