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Re: Macintosh problems

Phil Williams wrote:
> I haven't really been following the thread about macintosh problems too
> closely, but a simple thing to try is to go to the extensions manager
> and chose only system 7.5 extensions.  Then try to load the problem page
> and see if that works.  If it does then you have to go through the
> painful process of relaoding desired extensions one-by-one, restart, and
> try again.
> I was having similar problems.  Some SIMPLE js code that I developed ON
> THE MAC worked fine as long as I used the open file option. The second I
> put it on a server and tried to load it across the net I started getting
> the type 11 errors.
> Just a suggestion,
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I was the one who started the whole Macinstosch problems thred. You see,
my friend has a mac, and we're building pages for customers. We've 
started adding in different JavaScript code here and there into the pages
(I'm the programmer here, my friend creates all the neat graphics!) and 
the pages ran well on my PC, but when using my friends Mac (just to see), 
we started getting all these kinds of crashs!

Thanks alot. Since you have experienced it in some way and have found the 
solution, i think that now we can have a better understanding of what's 
happening to the Mac. Maybe someone should advise Netscape about 
releasing a press release on this subject.


Christian Lanctot
e-mail: kristian@generation.net
Web   : http://www.generation.net/~kristian/
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