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Re: Hypocracy and request for URL :)

Hi everyone ...

Ok, here I'll be something of a hypocrite, please excuse me in advance.  
(skip the next two paragraphs if you don't care to hear my personal 
opinions about recent chain-letters)

I currently receive mail from nine lists, none in digest format and all 
populated by people with important (thought verbose) posts.  I received 
this Good Luck business on EACH of the lists, more than once.  And then 
I received eight to ten angry replies to the chain-letter, again on each 
list.  And then there were the "yeah, it bothers me too" posts -- so all 
of a sudden, one person's misguided idea of fun has left me with 
approximately 100 related messages in my inbox.  

Until now I've just deleted all of them without reading (ok, so I read 
the first one), and tried to stay out of the fray so as not to invoke 
the hypocracy in which I am NOW engaging.  All of this is to say that 
chain mail, while seemingly harmless to the sender, is in the United 
States against the law, and as regards the Internet, against all ethical 

I appreciate the private apology, but I'd certainly appreciate more 
sticking to issues related to javascript ... speaking of which, WHO'S 
AND SWITCH HTML DOCUMENTS ACCORDINGLY ?? :)))  (sorry for caps, but 
important detail might have gone unnoticed because of my babbling.)

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