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Re: It's done(?)

Joe --

Your page doesn't crash my macintosh (unlike most other pages on the 
net, it seems).  :)))  Thanks for that!  Seems to work pretty well, 
considering one inconvienence which may just be something I have to live 
with -- I enter my keywords, a new window pops up, I select my search 
engine, it jumps to the appropriate site, displays the results of my 
search.  Now, if I searched the wrong engine, I'm rather out of luck. :(  
I go back in frame and having done this a time or two I reload right 
away.  I now get an error 

"JavaScript Error: http://www.delta.com/prime.com/srchmain.htm, line 59:

newWin has no properties."

So ... is this a feature designed to teach the wayward how and where to 
search intelligently, or a feature unique to my/the macintosh, or 
perhaps not a feature at all?  A limitation of the language? 

Anyway, sorry for the public reply, don't seem to have kept your post.  
Good work ... !! :)

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