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Please guys I have a little query to make,
'cose I have problems defining my page
width I need to do a little sounding,
if you can help me answering this
little questions I will apreciate it.

Thank you all in advance.

What monitor size are you using?

        14", 15", 17",  higher

What risolutione?

        640 x 480 (VGA, VESA, Standard)
        800 x 600 (VGA, VESA, Standard)
        832 x 624 (VGA, VESA, Standard)
        1024 x 768 (VGA, VESA, Standard)
        Higher than 1024 x 768

how many colors?

        4 colori
        16 colori
        256 colori
        Migliaia di colori
        16 milioni di colori
        Miliardi di colori

I know this is not a "monitor setting" list but I'm discussing now about
which document width We can use to create the Web pages.
To me this is important I want to avaluate all your answers and take more
of less and standard width for web pages based on th most used minitors and

Thank you all in advance again.

Read You ALL and...

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