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Claudio Gaetani wrote:

> I know this is not a "monitor setting" list but I'm discussing now about
> which document width We can use to create the Web pages.
> To me this is important I want to avaluate all your answers and take more
> of less and standard width for web pages based on th most used minitors and
> resolutions.
> Thank you all in advance again.
> Read You ALL and...

I always design for 640x480 at 256 colors.  I personally run at 800x600 at 
65,000 colors.  You  might get better responses by building a form on the web 
asking the same questions.

Lance D. Braud                                  Global Matrix Technologies
mailto:lbraud@advtel.net                        Web Site Design
http://www.eatel.net/~lbraud                    Multi-Media Applications
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