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Re: animated GIFs

Marshall Hays wrote:
> Gordon Mueller wrote:
> >
> > So then why does my modem light keep on flashing? Is it just
> > checking something?
> ------>Yes, try disconnecting the modem while you're at the site,
> and the gif will still run.

i think someone went over this, but i'm not sure his view exactly meshes 
with mine. what i'm guessing is going on here is that Netscape is 
comparing the gif you've downloaded with the one at the site every time 
it redraws the gif in a new frame. it still has the whole sequence of 
animations in the cache, but each frame of the gif is interpreted 
by netscape as, and loaded as a new gif. hence the active modem.

this is only my guess; you'd have to ask the folx at netscape to see if 
this is true.

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