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On Tue, 12 Mar 1996 11:11:30 +0100, you wrote:

Understanding what you hope to gain from this, I'll list every type we
own here on site..<G>

>What monitor size are you using?
>        14", 15", 17",  higher

(2) - 10.5" (laptops) 640x480x256
(2) - 14" analog 1024x768x256
(1) - 17" digital  1280x1024x16mil

>I know this is not a "monitor setting" list but I'm discussing now about
>which document width We can use to create the Web pages.
>To me this is important I want to avaluate all your answers and take more
>of less and standard width for web pages based on th most used minitors and

We setup all of our company pages with 640 to 800 in mind.
For clients, all pages are setup for 640 only, unless its an internal
setup, and the resolution of all internal systems is guaranteed to be
xxx <G>

We never build a page that requires 1024x768. 

As for colors, 256 is a safe bet...

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