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Re: Upload Charges

I got a cool little place that I can call home, I am reorganizing my pages
because of a small error on my part (that damn dos file name limit) but
expect to see a better page with animation, LED scroling, music (acutally
playing!), video, and a whole lot more!  http://www.paranoia.com/~ccoble

The place where I have my page at is paranoia.  For a crisp $50 bill, they
will set you up with an account, 5 or 10 megs, e-mail and more for _6_

So far this is my best bet.  Tell me what you think!

c coble

"Even our masters don't know the webs that we weave." - Pink Floyd, Dogs
of War * * * * Casey can be found somewhere at www.paranoia.com/~ccoble or
ccoble@paranoia.com * * * * Information is a deadly weapon, use PGP and
protect yourself.

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