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Re: Upload Charges

You have a crappy Web provider (but maybe you know that already! <g>).  Mine
charges a flat $50 a month for unmetered access, from anywhere in the world
(it would be less, but I have a virtual domain and some extra goodies).
With the competition among Web providers there is absolutelty no reason for
tyhis kind of nickel and dime greed.

As a cheap alternative, for $10 a month you get unmetered pages on AOL and
CompuServe.  AOL gives you two megabytes and CIS gives you one megabyte. I
recommend AOL of the two.

-- Gordon

At 02:32 PM 3/7/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear JavaScript group people,
>I just wanted to send a warning around to people that may not know 
>When Andrew Wooldridge (JavaScript Index) fetured my site (MUD) I 
>was more than pleased, but since I got my bill from my provider last 
>month I wasn't so happy. It seems they charge for web transfer- 
>thats files requested by SOMEONE ELSE! Lots of you good folk came to 
>see my site, but now I had to remove it (you can still e-mail me if 
>you really want to see it). 
>Moral of the story...check if you'll get charged by your provider 
>for putting something cool on the web. They might not have told you 
>this when you signed up.

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