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HELP FOR ALL: Script Library for JS users

In an effort to simplify things for newbies and the experienced, I'm adding
a new section to the JavaScript 411.  It will be a searchable index of
JavaScripts that perform generic tasks.  Looking for 'cookies' info?  Do a
search for it and find links to sample code, docs, and general info.

I've got a form worked up to recieve code 'snippets', and I also have my own
FTP server that will be up starting tomorrow.  Anyone who has something
relevant to submit will get full credit and a link to their JS pages.  This
will be similar to the JavaScript Index but I want to maintain focus on
snippets that perform generic (Public Domain) tasks like these:

1- work with arrays
2- cookies
3- isNum()
4- BACK button
5- sorting functions (quick, bubble, shell...)
6- change two frames from a link
6- ...you get the point

I'd also like to create a spot where everybody can show off their
workarounds.  I'll allow authors to enter their own descriptions if they
want, or I can setup a brief description of each.

-Andy Augustine

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