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Re: image object??

Gordon McComb wrote:
> You can use the link and <IMG> tag trick, along with a call to submit the
> form.  The tag goes like this:
> <A HREF="JavaScript:submitMe()"><IMG SRC=button.gif" ALT="Submit"></A>
> Your submitMe function does the sumbitting of the form, and is called when
> you click the button.  The function can be as simple as:
> function submitMe () {
>         document.forms[0].submit();  // submits the first form in the document
> }
> The rest of the page -- and the form -- is standard HTML.
> -- Gordon
> At 11:25 PM 3/8/96 -0800, you wrote:
> >is there an image object in javascript? instead of using a submit button in
> >a form, it's possible to use a graphic object or image in standard html. in
> >going through the javascript documentation, i see all the other form
> >objects (checkbox, textarea, radio, etc.), but no image. am i missing
> >something?
> >
> >Bill Berry
> >
> Not a good idea as I read somewhere that this facility will be removed
in future releases of Javascript. This is for security reasons - to stop
rogue programs from submitting information such as your email address
(or worse) without you knowing.
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