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Re: image object??

Caution!  FUD at work.  The facility to submit forms via the submit method
or onSubmit event hanlder will stay.  Otherwise JavaScript would be useless
for use with forms, which is its strong suite.  What they are removing is
the auto-sending of the person's e-mail address through a mailto: URL.

-- Gordon

At 01:27 PM 3/9/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Gordon McComb wrote:
>> You can use the link and <IMG> tag trick, along with a call to submit the
>> form.  The tag goes like this:
>> <A HREF="JavaScript:submitMe()"><IMG SRC=button.gif" ALT="Submit"></A>
>> Your submitMe function does the sumbitting of the form, and is called when
>> you click the button.  The function can be as simple as:
>> function submitMe () {
>>         document.forms[0].submit();  // submits the first form in the
>> }
>> The rest of the page -- and the form -- is standard HTML.
>> -- Gordon
>> At 11:25 PM 3/8/96 -0800, you wrote:
>> >is there an image object in javascript? instead of using a submit button in
>> >a form, it's possible to use a graphic object or image in standard html. in
>> >going through the javascript documentation, i see all the other form
>> >objects (checkbox, textarea, radio, etc.), but no image. am i missing
>> >something?
>> >
>> >Bill Berry
>> >
>> Not a good idea as I read somewhere that this facility will be removed
>in future releases of Javascript. This is for security reasons - to stop
>rogue programs from submitting information such as your email address
>(or worse) without you knowing.

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