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Re: List Arvhices

On Thu, 7 Mar 1996 tmrussel@fedex.com wrote:

[regarding the majordomo list archive compression scheme described at]
> > http://www.obscure.org/slow-net/majordomo-tips.html

> Much better - many thanks.  Now... can I talk you into running the
> script weekly?

I have hacked enough Majordomo for this month. If anyone wants to submit 
patches so that Majordomo will keep weekly archives (hint: modify 
archive2.pl), I would be willing to try them after a good testing period 
on a less busy list.

Majordomo supports yearly, monthly, daily, and digest archiving. Right 
now, there are 3 digests going out per day. I had announced that we were 
switching to larger digests, but I tweaked the wrong config file. Now, we 
should get ~75Kb digests instead of ~30Kb digests.

Richard Bullington
JavaScript List Administrator
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