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Re: What's New

Hi again,

I just finished two examples to send the User to special pages
dependent on his Last Visit. One uses frames, the other still 
has a Problem :-) But both do what they are expected to do. The
frames example is very easy to use, but of course, it is - as Gordon
says, quit a lot of work to have special pages for the different 

So the next thing for me is creatign a really dynamic page.

If you want to have a look at the examples (and may help me with the 
"back" button Problem in the first):

So long

Gordon McComb wrote:
> I envision a "what's new" frame, or a selection list, or a series of
> dynamically written links on the (standard) home page.  JavaScript can do
> this quite easily, and with the same number connections as CGI would
> require.  Olaf wants to take people to a separate page, but I personally
> feel that's too much work to maintain, so my approach has been single page
> (or frame). 
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