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Re: What's New

>Gordon McComb wrote: 
>> You cannot yet read the history list, but that should change in 3.0.  But
>> you can use history.go(-1) to move people back whatever page they were on,
>> without knowing whence they came, as it were.
>hrm. currently i'm working on a hack to this, but i'm not sure how soon i
can present you guys 
>with a finished product. i sent mail to the list quite recently (called Re:
not sure about how to 
>go about this) about helping with a 'return' button, so check it out and
help me solve this 
>problem. some of us can't wait until Netscape 3.0 comes out :)

Not sure exactly what you are saying, but if it is a "BACK" button to use in
frames (or non-frames), try this:



function backframe2()


(Note, I use frames[2].history so that my "display frame" backs up one.  My
BACK button sits in another frame, so I have to specify which frame to
BackUp the href for.)

Then simply link a BACK icon to it with

<A HREF="back.html" TARGET="display"> 
<img border=0 src="/icons/back.gif" align=top></A> 

Is this pretty clear?

Stew Pressnall

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