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Re: 2 ways to load stuff(was Re: writing to frames)

Ah, now I see what you are trying to do with setting href but not have
location change.  Interesting concept.  Let me mull this around a while.
There might be ways to accomplish the same thing, even with JS's current

-- Gordon

At 05:46 PM 3/6/96 -0800, you wrote:
>> As for your comment:
>> >Seems to me there ought to be a way to set the href without actually
>> >triggering a loading of the page...
>> This is logically incongruent.  Set the href (a physical entity) and you
>> change the physical page.
>> -- Gordon
>It would seem so, ...but, only if you make the assumption that setting 
>a value makes it so.  From the not-quite-docs-yet:
><in a general discusion about document properties...>
>Likewise, once layout has occurred, setting a property value does 
>not affect its value or its appearance. For example, suppose you 
>have a document title defined as follows:
><TITLE>My JavaScript Page</TITLE>
>This is reflected in JavaScript as the value of document.title. 
>Once the Navigator has displayed this in layout (in this case, 
>in the title bar of the Navigator window), you cannot change 
>the value in JavaScript. So, if later in the page, you have 
>the following script:
>document.title = "The New Improved JavaScript Page"
>it will not change the value of document.title nor affect the 
>appearance of the page, nor will it generate an error.
><---end excerpt--->
>The last three lines are key, in that the title and the href are both
>strings, and really nothing more. Or so it seems. If the href is
>more than this, and typecasting to a string is transparent to the
>programmer (via tostring()), I have to ask "how do you know
>the title property is not just a string?" (yeah, you check the
>docs :>)
>Is that just because the property is a document property, that doesn't
>make sense to me.
>I am just trying to get a handle on a, yes, logically congruent, 
>metaphor, sorry for the rambling...in a nutshell:
>if window.href="whatever" does not immediately load "whatever"
>is logically incongruent then 
>document.title="Name" not immediately changing the title bar
>is equally so.

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