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Re: 2 ways to load stuff(was Re: writing to frames)

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Gordon McComb wrote:

> You shouldn't have problems with
>         location = URL;         // note: no .href property; you're setting
> the location object
> If you do, tell me!  You have to be careful that you don't try to set the
> location property of the document object.  I think this is okay:
>         window.location.href = URL;  // href of object location
>                 (or)
>         window.location = URL;  // href inferred
> but this isn't:
>         document.location.href;  //href of document property location, a
> read-only value

Thanks, that may have been my problem: trying to set the 
document.location.href...the actual misses were junked.

> As for your comment:
> >Seems to me there ought to be a way to set the href without actually
> >triggering a loading of the page...
> This is logically incongruent.  Set the href (a physical entity) and you
> change the physical page.
> -- Gordon

It would seem so, ...but, only if you make the assumption that setting 
a value makes it so.  From the not-quite-docs-yet:

<in a general discusion about document properties...>
Likewise, once layout has occurred, setting a property value does 
not affect its value or its appearance. For example, suppose you 
have a document title defined as follows:

<TITLE>My JavaScript Page</TITLE>

This is reflected in JavaScript as the value of document.title. 
Once the Navigator has displayed this in layout (in this case, 
in the title bar of the Navigator window), you cannot change 
the value in JavaScript. So, if later in the page, you have 
the following script:

document.title = "The New Improved JavaScript Page"

it will not change the value of document.title nor affect the 
appearance of the page, nor will it generate an error.

<---end excerpt--->

The last three lines are key, in that the title and the href are both
strings, and really nothing more. Or so it seems. If the href is
more than this, and typecasting to a string is transparent to the
programmer (via tostring()), I have to ask "how do you know
the title property is not just a string?" (yeah, you check the
docs :>)

Is that just because the property is a document property, that doesn't
make sense to me.

I am just trying to get a handle on a, yes, logically congruent, 
metaphor, sorry for the rambling...in a nutshell:
if window.href="whatever" does not immediately load "whatever"
is logically incongruent then 
document.title="Name" not immediately changing the title bar
is equally so.



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