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Re: keeping the base straight

><script language="javascript">
>function loadpix( obj, url)
>	obj.location = url
>It's in the head of my topmost frameset.
>Then in another link I have the following onLoad in the body
>onLoad="parent.loadpix(parent.toc, 'people/people_pix.html');"
>toc is one of my frames.  Everything works fine the first time.  But if 
>the reader does a reload of the documnet I get an error that it can't 
>find "http://www.irc.chmcc.org>/people/people/people_pix.html"  i.e. 
>It's changing the base?  
>Anyway around this?

Try '/your_pathname/people/people_pix.html' instead of
'people/people_pix.html'. The leading '/' should go back to the root

Good luck

Walter Chr. Schueller (Sch&uuml;ller), Goettingen, Germany

P.S. I have designed a medical forum extensivly using JavaScript (sorry it is
yet available only in german) at 'forum-medizin.com'. Try it out and tell me
your impressions.
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