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New window positioning

Hey everyone, recently I've had to re-think my whole approach to my 
site.  We decided to prototype a site using several smaller NETSCAPE 
windows with no controls in them.  The problem arises is that I can't 
find a way to control where a new window is positioned when it is 
opened?  It's an intranet and we know exact screen resolutions and what 
is opened on the desktop already.  So I am tasked with making my stuff 
fit AROUND what is there already. man I sure hope there is a way, I feel 
sort of powerless now.

Its funny before JS I felt totally in control of my work, I had it all 
downpat. Now, when people ask me if it can be done... instead of 
rattling off the answer right away I have to think and usually get back 
to that person. on well....

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