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Re: Help with Microsoft IIS

I know we are in a JAVAscript group, but after having spent months with 
IIS and JAVAscript I can tell you the a good discussion about IIS's 
database capabilites would be helpfull to many.  JS and IIS work 
beautifully together!! they allow such an elegant solution to DB probs 
that have plagued us all.  since I use the MS backoffice stuff anyway 
the IIS I recieved free in  BETA, and JS is free.. the whole thing was 
chalked up as a bonus ( the boos man let me blow over $1,000 on software 
for not buying a NETSCAPE server and working with what we had!!)  I have 
tried many ways to get db info on my pages and NONE come close to what 
is waiting for those who use IIS and JS.  I'd bet my job on it.

> Greetings!
> When attempting to open the html file via Netscape Navigator on the
> same server, the query is printed instead of being executed.

uhhh. This is mainly a Javascript group, but you may want to make sure 
web server and the Netscape client both have those SQL-Access-ODBC file 
 defined under mime encoding.  Just a thought.
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