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Help with Microsoft IIS


My name is Loren Lafferty and I'm working for the Southern California  
Gas Company in Los Angeles, CA (USA).  I need some help in solving a  
problem getting Microsoft IIS to accept and process an SQL query.  I  
would appreciate it if you can spot our problem or if you can forward  
me to somebody who can.

We are running Microsoft IIS on a Windows/NT server and are  
attempting to test the processing of a query against Microsoft  
Access.  We have the ODBC driver for Access loaded, a System data  
source defined, and have been able to process the query via a similar  
data source from Microsoft Excel.

When attempting to open the html file via Netscape Navigator on the  
same server, the query is printed instead of being executed.

In case things are directory dependent, here are the files:
   c:\temp\dbsamp1.htm  is the html file containing the query  
   c:\temp\scripts\sample.idc is the file containing the query,
   c:\temp\scripts\sample.htx is the file containing the formatting  
instructions for displaying the query results.

The query file is referenced in the html file as follows:
<A HREF="/scripts/sample.idc?">Click here to run query</A>

The default .idc filetype association appears to be in place.  Also,  
the query file is a slightly modified variation of an example query  
from IIS so it should not have any syntax problems.

Again, thanks for whatever help you can provide.
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