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Re: A question (The answer :) )

Mike Norton wrote:
> We are in a small community in SouthEastern KY and he wants to offer a local
> weather report and possably maps.  I know you can get weather reports for
> your region from several areas and radar maps to.  But what I want to do is
> set up a server side aplet or script that will go get those file on a
> regular basis so he will not have to do it manually every couple of hours.
> Is there anything to do this with, or how can I do it with JAVAscript?
> The other question concerns news, which I would like to retrieve the same way.
> Any help would be geat.

Do an Internet Search for "weather underground".  I think it's at the 
university of michigan.  Anyway, it's cgi software in perl that gets up to 
the minute info from the national weather service.  Should be just what 
you're looking for.  Now news is a bit different 'cause noone is going to 
give you a news feed for free (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!).  I would be 
interested in hearing ideas on auto updating a news feed also.

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