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A question

Hello everyone.  Im very new to this list and the concept of JAVA.  I am
trying to learn all I can and could use some sugestions on the best way to

Also I am helping someone set up a InterNet provider service.  Im working on
the web pages for his site.  There are a couple of things I want to do but
don't know if I can or if there is something out there already.

We are in a small community in SouthEastern KY and he wants to offer a local
weather report and possably maps.  I know you can get weather reports for
your region from several areas and radar maps to.  But what I want to do is
set up a server side aplet or script that will go get those file on a
regular basis so he will not have to do it manually every couple of hours.
Is there anything to do this with, or how can I do it with JAVAscript?

The other question concerns news, which I would like to retrieve the same way.

Any help would be geat.

Mike Norton
	Michael Norton
	Mike Norton Grafix

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