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Re: Scrolling Message Adjustment

At 14:54 6-03-96 -0600, you wrote:
>This is a script I've written. I'm new to JavaScript, so could anybody 
>tell me how to change the speed of the message, and how, if possible, to 
>change the text color and background.  The message isn't scrolling in 
>the status area, I changed it to display in a text area.

Personally I find that version of a scroller your using is total weirdo. It
has most unreadable code (for a scroller) I've seen so far and from what
I've heard about it, it seems it's keeps snooping more and more memory every
time it scrolls a bit. 
I wrote my own version, just for the fun of it.  Maybe you should try it,
for a change :) I'm not saying it's bigger/better/faster/etc.. but it's a
bit more user friendly.  It shouldn't be hard to adapt it to include it in
textbox instead (I think you'll only have modify one line).  
Have a look at: http://www.bart.nl/~thom/scroll.html
Further more, I don't think it's possible to change to colors inside a
textbox, but then again, I could be wrong...

        Thomas (Thom@bART.nl)

Creators, Shapers, Singers and Makers
    - The Techno-Mages - Babylon 5

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