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Re: keeping the base straight

Andy Augustine wrote:
> Have you thought of using a <BASE TARGET="/people/">??
> Might work but not sure.
> Andy 'Mohammed' Augustine

Thanks for the advice.  I just tried it and doesn't work. 

Check it out at http://www.irc.chmcc.org and click on the Faculty/Staff 

First time pictures load fine. Then push reload and you get a file not 

  Phil Williams, Ph.D.
  Research Instructor                   
  Children's Hospital Medical Center    "One man gathers what
  Imaging Research Center                   another man spills..."
  3333 Burnet Ave.                             -The Grateful Dead
  Cincinnati, OH 45229
  email: williams@irc.chmcc.org
  URL: http://www.irc.chmcc.org/~williams/
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