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Re: call event with graphic?

On Mar 6,  4:18pm, Gordon Mueller wrote:

> How can you call a script with a HREF? I am trying to call the
> script when a user clicks on a graphic. Using a form would be fine,
> but I didn't find a way to get JavaScript to use its handlers on an
> image. Any ideas?

Right now, I just add an onClick= directive to the HREF tag, and have the HREF
point to a dummy frame in my window . . .

<A HREF="title.html" TARGET="Win_Title" onClick="javaScript() ; return true">

where Win_Title is a frame that always displays the small static page

What I want to know is, can I just leave the HREF out?:

<A onClick="javaScript() ; return true"> 	or
<A HREF onClick="javaScript() ; return true">


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