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EVAL() -- is this a bug???

If I execute the JS code below as it stands, it works correctly.  However, if I
comment out statements 3 and 4 and enable statements 1 and 2, the code opens a
new window, but there is no document displayed in the window.

Is this related to the bug described in Andy Augustine's FAQ, which indicates
that EVAL strings are compiled into byte codes?


<script language=javascript>

function doit() {
   var str='drcr-frame.html';
 // eval('window.open("' + str + '","namer")');     // STATEMENT 1
 // eval('window.open("' + str + '","namer")');     // STATEMENT 2
   window.open("drcr-frame.html","namer");          // STATEMENT 3
   window.open("drcr-frame.html","namer");          // STATEMENT 4


<input type = button value = "Do It" onClick="doit();">

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