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Re: What's New

For that matter you can do anything with CGI.  But the idea (and the reason
for this mailing list) is to try to do what we can with JavaScript.  CGI
would be the preferred method in a complex or large site, but I think
JavaScript can handle this for small and medium sized sites.

I envision a "what's new" frame, or a selection list, or a series of
dynamically written links on the (standard) home page.  JavaScript can do
this quite easily, and with the same number connections as CGI would
require.  Olaf wants to take people to a separate page, but I personally
feel that's too much work to maintain, so my approach has been single page
(or frame).

-- Gordon

At 09:17 AM 3/5/96 -0800, you wrote:
>There seems to be a thread about how to display different info 
>based on the users last visit. It might have already been 
>suggested, so excuse me if this is redundant, but one thing that 
>occured to me is that this is probably better handled on the 
>server side for the following reasons:
>1. The server side is more powerful, you can access DBs and such
>2. handling it on the client side is likely to require going 
>back to the server to get new pages anyway. why not cut out the 
>extra connection
>It seems like this should be pretty easy - just make the default 
>document a cgi script that checks the cookie and decides what to 
>send back.

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