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Re: monitor resolutions?

In an eMail from 20.02.96  18:58:41, devonl@cnet.com (Devon Lazarus) wrote:

>hello all-
>just wondering if there might be any way when spawning a new window to
>detect the resolution of the monitor on the client side and make the window
>exactly that size? my best wish would be to spawn a new window without
>toolbars and url that is exactly the size of the client's monitor no matter
>what the size. obviously i could pick a resolution but then i would have to
>go with the lowest common denominator which is 640x480. if i do that and my
>clent has open their navigator open to a window larger than that, i get a
>smaller window on top of a larger window. ugly!. an instant thought... is
>it possible to destroy the window that is spawning a new window?
>thanks for any information.

I too think it would be interesting to control the appearance of the browser
temporarily, but after leaving my page the old settings should be
reestablished. To do so, destoying the initial window does'nt seem to be
wise. If you don't destroy the window that is spawning the new one, you can
simply close the new one and return to the old settings easily.

BTW I've found out, that the Navigator keeps in mind the size of a new
spawned window, so if the user once has maximized it, all further created
windows will be maximized too.

Walter Chr. Schueller (Sch&uuml:ller), Goettingen, Germany
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