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Re: monitor resolutions?

>hello all-
>just wondering if there might be any way when spawning a new window to
>detect the resolution of the monitor on the client side and make the window
>exactly that size? my best wish would be to spawn a new window without
>toolbars and url that is exactly the size of the client's monitor no matter
>what the size. obviously i could pick a resolution but then i would have to
>go with the lowest common denominator which is 640x480. if i do that and my
>clent has open their navigator open to a window larger than that, i get a
>smaller window on top of a larger window. ugly!. an instant thought... is
>it possible to destroy the window that is spawning a new window?
>thanks for any information.
Not sure about the window. Would be nice if there was a window.maximize()
BTW - you can kill the window after spawning a new one.
try this, with a .html file of your own...


Hope this helps,
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