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Re: monitor resolutions?

Devon --

	It isn't (as far as I know) possible to get the monitor resolution of
the client, but it is possible to destroy the window that is spawning the new
window, like so:

<a href = "http://something.for.the.non-javascriptees";
        target = 'newwindow';
    onMouseOver="self.status='Click to make window 640x480 and toolbar free';
return true"

An example of this can be found at
"http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/athomas/Artwork.html"; under "ATG's Gallery of
Semi-Recent works"

				-- Athomas


Athomas Goldberg			
Associate Research Scientist

New York Univerity
Media Research Lab			ph: (212) 998-3469
715-719 Broadway rm 1227		fx: (212) 995-4122
New York NY 10003			

Email: athomas@mrl.nyu.edu	
WWW: http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/athomas

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