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Re: Force page using JavaScript

>Is there a way to force the movement of a page using JavaScript? Basically,
>I have a page setup that if you don't have a JavaScript Browser, you don't
>need to be there. If you do, I'd like to have JavaScript load up that page.
>If you don't, just a text page saying you got to have a JavaScript capable

haven't tried it yet but i might put the test process on the page that
links to your javascript page. for instance:

page one might have some javascript code that document.write()s the href to
the javascript page into page one at the time of download. this way the
non-javascript browser doesn't even see the link to the javascript page. of
course if someone views your source they can manually put in the url but
maybe you can deter them with a comment or two stating that this link is
only for javascript yada yada yada...


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