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Re: JavaScript Digest V001 #29

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996 owner-javascript-digest@obscure.org wrote:

> From: grady@netam.net (Grady Russell)
> Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 01:42:16 -0600 (CST)
> Subject: How to get it to print
> I am writing a JavaScript page to take input of several values, do a
> calculation, and spit out an answer. The problem is I'd like to user to
> print out the entire page with the numbers in my form boxes but when you
> print (I'm on a Mac), it just prints blank boxes...any suggestions on how
> to get the numbers to print out?
> Grady

This has frustrated me as well.  In my latest "work around" I tried 
having an HTML page with a whole bunch of

	<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">

inside of it.  That page will print everything but the text inserted with 
the javascript statements.  Grrr...

My app is similar to Grady's, however, mine is to calculate a timeline 
for making our products.  The user specifies a ship date, and from that 
date, the script calculates various milestones throughout the production 
process.  For some reason, some of the document.write(...) statements 
in my code don't work.  

There are two tables, each with two columns.  In all instances, the 
document.write(...) statements appear in the second column.  In the 
second table, they don't work.  I've tried putting them in all other 
places throughout the document -- outside the table, in the first column 
of the table, etc. -- and they work there...

Any ideas?

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