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Radio buttons, maybe a bug report, and a Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help...this page is almost
done (suprisingly) and I don't think I could have done it without all the
help from this mailing list. And now I have a couple of more
problems...should be easy ones though! :-)

On my page I have:

<h4><b>Object Coupling</b></h4>Good <input name="coupling" type=radio
value=radio checked="true" onclick="couplinggood(form)"><br>Fair  <input
name="coupling" type=radio value=radio
onclick="couplingfair(form)"><br>Poor <input name="coupling" type=radio
value=radio  onclick="couplingpoor(form)">

I also have a clear button that sets all my input variables back to zero
but How do I set this back to being the good value?

I have this inside a table and I've noticed that Netscape doesn't like
onchange commands inside tables...anyone else noticed this? For instance, I
had written with no layout what so ever:


function figure(form) {



<b>Hand Location (origin)</B><br>
<input name="horigin" type=text value="0" size=10><br>
<input name="vorigin" type=text value="0" size=10><br>
<b>Hand Location (destination)</b><br>
<input name="hdestination" type=text value="0" size=10><br>
<input name="vdestination" type=text value="0" size=10

and it worked fine but when I put it into tables so it looked like
something, Netscape returned an error saying "value is not a number". Is it
a bug?

Grady Russell

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