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Re: Interactive FAQ

Olaf Walkowiak wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I think this would be extremely useful! Great idea, and if you need some
> help, let me know.
> So long
> Olaf

Great, I'll start getting things ready.

Ellie raised some important point such as stability - here's what I 
can offer:
1. bandwidth isn't much of a problem - I have about 150k extra right 
now and that will probably increase in the near future. I think that 
should probably be sufficient.
2. stability - I certainly don't anticipate any changes that would 
prevent the hosting. I don't see any reason why I can't host it 
3. Server performance. Conceivably this could be a propblem, but I 
really doubt it. The machine I was planning to use has a new site 
that is about to go online in a week or 2. I doubt this site will 
overload the cpu. In the event it does I'll have to switch to a 
faster machine anyway. The site that will be on the machine is a 
commercial site, so it is designed to have enough power for even 
peek usage. (By the way, the site has a really hot frames/JS 
interface. I'll post the code for it once the site opens)
4. Timeframe - I think it will take me about 10 days to get it up, 
I'm really busy right now. That gives us 10 days to decide what 
should be on it and collect the sample code. That sounds about right

Here's my inital thought as to how the site could function:
I'll write a quick and dirty cgi that interfaces to a db. The db 
will allow people to search and post by keyword and category. It 
will return:

Javascript name: whatever someone wants to name a script
Purpose: what does this script highlight
Submitter: who submitted it
Link: A link to the file, so people can actually see the JS work
Notes: any notes about the script.
Source: The source for the script. Usefull for uploading the source 
to the server, just cut and paste.

People can submit scripts by filling out the form, FTPing, or 
e-mailing the info.

Sound good? Have I missed anything? Random thoughts?

Now, as to what should be on it, my first thought is FRAMES, FRAMES, 

Let me know what you think, and start getting some scripts ready.

If anybody wants to help, we could use a cool logo. I kind of like 
"The JavaScript Interactive FAQ"

Let me know what you think.
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