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Frames Galore ...

Hi everyone,
I've been fooling around with frames & javascript today and came across a
few little 
problems/bugs.  I hope you can help me with this:

The idea:
To use frames for something they weren't designed for :)

Possible Solution:
Make lots and lots of frames and use Javascript to set the background for each 
one of them.

Ability to make a really big blocky useless message or scroller.

Work So Far:
I wrote a little Javascript to create the frames. Pretty easy. Works
perfectly (for 
the time being). Managed to get it working with the colors, only extremely
slow and 
using lots of work arounds. Any help appreciated (see below).

Problems Encountered:
1. When I tried to set background colors for each of the frames from within
the main 
HTML page it didn't work. Too bad. But ok, I can live with it.  If  anyone has
succeeded done this please let me know! 
2. I then proceeded to use a SRC tag inside the FRAME specification and I
a special HTML doc (x.html) to the first frame. All other frames got an
empty doc 
assigned (y.html). It worked! Only to end at frame 13. Tried everything, but
I only 
could set the background color of the first 14 frames (0-13). Weirdo number 1.
When I uploaded it onto my account, It didn't even manage that. In some
frames it 
did work, and in some it didn't. Might it be a timing or synchronization
3. Next to this it enlarged the margin between the frames. In every frame I
set the
margin width and height to 1.  It looked like approx. 3 pixels when I only
used one
HTML doc, but when I added the SRC tag it enlarged itself and added some 3d
to it. Why? Any work around this?
4. Darn! Next try: instead of just assigning the script to the first script,
I assigned it
(in sort of a desperate way) to all other frames. And guess what? It
works... Why?
God only knows (well, the guys at Netscape might also).

Cry for Help:
If some of you can help me with this, please do! 
I hope sincerely hope I've been clear enough to explain the problems to you.
If I didn't, 
let me know.
The online version is at: http://www.bart.nl/~thom/FramesGalore.html

A whopping thanx already,
        Thomas (Thom@bART.nl)

P.S.1: I, also, was confronted with the Javascript-Caching bug.  The way I work 
around this was a triple-turbo-speed-click on the reload button. It reloads
the page 
incorrectly and after that it immediately reloads it again, but this time
it's correct.
Weird, but it works.
P.S.2: I'm using Netscape 2.0-final (final? final my ass..) and Win95 (sux
big time).

Creators, Shapers, Singers and Makers
	- The Techno-Mages - Babylon 5

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