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Re: JavaScript Digest V001 #58

> > All of these examples rely on JavaScript generating the SQL text that a CGI
> > (or equivalent) program on the server side executes. Taking a fully-formed
> > SQL query from a client-side program and executing it against a real database
> > could be disastrous, if someone reverse engineers your code and gets it to do
> > arbitrary queries. Because everyone can look at JavaScript code, this
> > reverse engineering is trivial.
> On this point: it seems to me that JavaScripts can be hidden within a frame,
> since "View Source" only works for the top-level window.  Has anyone else found
> a way to view JS/HTML source within a frame?

The work around I've been using is two steps.  First of all click on some
non-active region of the frame whose source you want to view.  Then go to the 
file menu and choose New Web Browser.  On my system NS2.0/Win95 that opens up 
a new browser with the HTML for the current frame only.  Then you can view 
source in the new browser window.

Matthew Douglass
New Age Software
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