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Re: JavaScript is Screwy

At 14:42 4-03-96 -0600, you wrote:
>>I am getting very frustrated with JS.
>>Since I mentioned the cacheing issue, numerous people have
>>mentioned that they are having the same problem. A few people have
>>suggested possible solutions but none of them seem to work. Maybe
>>I missed one, here is what I have tried:
>>1. using the reload button
>>2. hitting return in the URL box
>>3. Purging the caches
>>4. Setting the cache sized to 0 and 0
>>5. closing and restarting Nav - WORKS
>Have you tried OPTION-RELOAD on Mac or (I believe) ALT-RELOAD on PC?  That
>performs sort of a "super reload" that forces the client to contact the
>server for a fresh copy of everything.

ALT-RELOAD doesn't work work for me. I also tried some other combinations 
like using CTRL-ALT combinations (like CTRL-ALT-T works) but at no joy.
The only thing that works for me is the triple-speed-click on reload button. It 
reloads the page incorrectly and after that it reloads it again, but correct
this time.

        Thomas (Thom@bART.nl)

Every now and then say "What the fuck".
"What the fuck" gives you freedom.
Freedom brings opportunity.
Opportunity makes your future.
	- Risky Business

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