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Re: JavaScript is Screwy

At 10:20 AM 3/3/96 -0800,Chris Moses wrote:
>I am getting very frustrated with JS.
>I swear I am not insane, these things really are happening. 

Relax, We all believe it happened to you...

>JavaScript is Screwy [...]

Now, you must remember that this is a beta version. and I can tell you that
this version is much 'less screwy' than beta versions of other lingo's I've

>sometimes JS functions simply 
>do not execute. I have definitly observed this one 3 occations. In 
>all cases my cache sizes were 0 and 0. I don't know if the cache 
>size has anything to do with it, but as soon as I reset my caches 
>to 5000,5000 the function worked exactly as expected - without 
>closing Nav. or anything.

I believe that there is a reason for using cache w/ netscape, and you just
found it ! 

On this one and all other 'problems', why don't you post a url and let
others see if they encounter a simmilar problaem ? (just like olaf did today ?)

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